Connecticut Communities

A project by Connecticut Humanities

Connecticut Communities is an on-the-go resource of places to visit in the state. Through geo-located tours in both web and mobile platforms, users can learn about everything from New Haven's modern architecture to ancient burial grounds by the Connecticut River by just logging and going for a stroll. A project of Connecticut Humanities and the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Communities is a free app available on your Android or iPhone smart phone or tablet as well as on the web.

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Holmes Street is an excellent vantage point for watching vessels travel along the busy Mystic River. There are many kayaks, motorboats, and pleasure craft that ply these waters. There are even a few…

No visit to a bustling seaport community would be complete without shops, entertainment, and a place to stay the night.

Directly on the river stood Washington Hall, the social epicenter of town.…